Bergleute vor dem Besucherbergwerk „Lange Wand“ in Ilfeld © Dr. Klaus
Bergleute vor dem Besucherbergwerk „Lange Wand“ in Ilfeld © Dr. Klaus

Intention of a Geopark


A Geopark is an area where you get to see phenomena of significance, rareness and beauty. These are natural or man-made rocks, cragged stones or mines for touristic use, nature trails, and museums with geological compilations. The geological phenomena are publicly available and interconnected. Digging and collecting of geological material is forbidden.

  1. Protection of geological heritage
  2. Sustainable regional development by Promotion of a close to nature tourism
  3. Contemporary environmental education

Geopark Harz · Braunschweiger Land · Ostfalen

The Geopark Harz – Braunschweiger Land – Ostfalen is of the same name holded by the shareholder:

Regionalverband Harz e. V.
Hohe Straße 6
06484 Quedlinburg

FEMO e. V.
Niedernhof 6
38154 Königslutter

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Networks of the Geoparks

The Geopark Harz · BraunschweigerLand · Ostfalen is a National GeoPark and also member of the European Geopark Network and the Global Geopark Network.

A National GeoPark is a clearly defined region, which conveys both geological history as well as the development of a cultural landscape.

The European Geopark Network (EGN) integrates regions, which have an extraordinary geological history.

 Global Geopark Network (GGN) is a worldwide association of different Geoparks following common objectives under the auspices of UNESCO.