to the Harz region

Germany’s northernmost low mountain range fascinates with undulating hills in the forelands, deeply indented valleys, plateaus and woods up to the Brocken summit (1.141 m). Besides, there is a unique geological variety and a rich cultural history.

The Regionalverband Harz e. V., a non-profit association with its seat in Quedlinburg, gets involved with the protection of the environment, landscape and monuments as well as the encouragement for art and culture in the Harz region. It is a federation of the five administrative districts in the Harz region: Goslar, Harz, Mansfeld-Südharz, Osterode am Harz and Nordhausen. Over hundred sustaining members support the Regionalverband Harz. It is responsible for the Nature Park “Harz” in Lower Saxony, the Nature Park “Harz/Sachsen-Anhalt” and the Nature Park “Harz/Sachsen-Anhalt (Mansfelder Land)” in Saxony-Anhalt. Nearly unaffected nature and evidence from a long history of human settlement lie side by side. The Nature Parks in the Harz belong in matters of flora to the species-riches regions of Germany. Typical animal representatives are wild cat, fire salamander or the “logo bird” of the Nature Park Harz/Sachsen-Anhalt: the boreal owl.

The Regionalverband Harz and the association FEMO e. V. are the stakeholders of the Geopark Harz ∙ Braunschweiger Land ∙ Ostfalen. TheGeopark offers a unique geological and mineral variety. For a better orientation the Geopark Harz is divided into Landmarks. These widely visible or particularly well-known ground points or places give their names to one of the Geopark’s part areas. Extraordinary “windows” in history of the earth are called Geopoints. At cliffs, stone pits, ensembles of relief features, caves, dolines, founts and much more, the geological history of the area resp. the evolution of the cultural landscape are evident and can be conveyed to visitors. In addition, the Harz has a very old mining tradition. Relicts can be visited in mining museums or in nature like the Upper Harz Water Management System which is a world heritage site.

The Regionalverband Harz e. V. is also responsible for the encouragement of art and culture in the district of Goslar. Non-state museums, fine acts, music, literature and language, theatres as well as schools of arts can bring forward an application for support.

Various publications and information boards communicate natural and cultural treasuries of the Nature Parks in the Harz and the Geopark Harz ∙ Braunschweiger Land ∙ Ostfalen.

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